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Woodfern School and Old York School Visits

The last few weeks brought an end to my school visits for the year. How lovely to finish this year so close to home!

First up: Old York School in Branchburg, NJ. Each year, the district brings all the third graders from the other schools together for the day. Each group (of 50 kids) rotates through all of the author presentations of the day: Robert Blake, Alan Katz, Herman Parish and yours truly. It was the first time I had met Alan. What a nice man! Besides being a huge fan of his books, I can now say I'm a huge fan of him as well! (Loved his tie. Designed by kids to support Jimmy fund) Here's a picture of him with my fabo assigned helper of the day:

Here's Doris Jennings, the third grade teacher who organizes the day and makes sure everything runs smoothly. This event is paid for by a grant from the Branchburg Education Foundation. Thanks, Doris! I hope to come back again.

A few days later, I visited Woodfern School. What a treat! Here's the group of kids that won a contest to have a Q&A Dessert session with me. I love talking to small groups like this. I was so impressed with their questions and how much they knew about me and my books. Some of the desserts were made from recipes on my website.

Thanks to the reading specialist, Colleen Consalvo, and the media specialist, Jenna Kmiec, for having me and making sure the kids were so well-prepared! Jenna created her own creative contest for the kids and I enjoyed looking over the entries.

Lucky me! Not only did I come away with fond memories of the students and staff, I came home with lovely flowers as well!

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