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Lisa Mullarkey's Journal

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Lisa Mullarkey
18 August
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With so many writing buddies on LJ, I've decided to jump in. If you would have asked me if I'd ever blog a few months ago, I would have said, "Not in a million years." Well, I'm here.

I taught first grade for nine years before I got my Masters in Information and Library Science. After I got it, people asked, "So, are you going to use it and become a librarian?" My answer? "Nope, not in a million years." I was happy teaching the little ones to read and write. A few months later, the media specialist in our school left, and, after some encouragement from my husband, I applied for the job. I ended up loving it- and writing for kids- because of it.

All throughout that time, people asked if I missed having my own classroom and I replied, "Yes, but I wouldn't go back into the classroom in a million years." Eight years later, I did. I missed it more than I knew.

There are so many paths life has offered me and I'm always surprised when I begin the trek on one I thought I'd never- in a million years- travel down.

I'm thrilled that since I started my writing journey, I've published Splashing by the Shore and have several forthcoming titles. Look for my chapter book series, Katharine the Almost Great, in January 2009 and my nonfiction cheerleadig series with Enslow Publishers in 2010.